Zend Conference 2006 , 30-31

I was finally reunited with my luggage. Things got a little better but still didn't get the chance to visit the local Frys store (which was recommended by everyone).

List of the sessions I liked the most:

Improving Performance of PHP Applications
- by Ilia Alshanetsky (slides). A very interesting session - a must for PHP programmers. Later I missed Ilia's session about Securing PHP Apps and my friends form Zend said it was a great session. So i'll just have to read the slides.

Extending PHP
- by Marcus Boerger and Sara Golemon (slides)- The session was VERY useful for me - it answered some questions I had in mind. Too bad they didn't have more time for it.

High Volume PHP & MySQL Scaling Techniques - by Eli White (slides seems to be broken right now)- As a member of Zend Platform RnD I found the information extemely useful.

Developing PHP Applications on Windows - by Joe Stagner -(slides) - This session brought me to a better understanding of MS plans for PHP. I saw some cool tricks for developing PHP GUI apps using MS tools. Can't say I love the idea of PHP progrmmers getting more depandent in MS tools (Actually , as a Linux user I HATE the idea :P).

Google Data API - Bharat Mediratta (gdata site) - Very interesting. One day, when (if) everybody will use a google calander (or some other tool by google) , they have to integrate their sites with google's gdata fotmat. Thet greatest thing about gdata, IMO, is that it's fully standard API based on Atom feeds.