Ubuntu Hebrew Remix

In the past two weeks I have been working (on and off) on a script to remaster Ubuntu Live CD to make it include essential packages, fonts and configuration for Hebrew speaking users.

A big portion of the work was kindly sponsored and supported by Lingnu, the company that hired me last April.

For more details about the project go to:
http://lingnu.com/ubuntu-hebrew-remix/ (Hebrew)

IMO the script I wrote is far from perfection. The initial goal was to easily create an Ubuntu "Remix", and this goal was achieved, but the script can be easily be modified to create the next Kazit (Hebrew), or Kinneret.

The LiveCD defaults to a fully "Hebrewalized" UI but you can easily boot to a "Hebrew Enabled" environment by hitting F2 and choosing English in the initial boot menu.

The name "Ubuntu Hebrew Remix" was chosen according to the terms of the Ubuntu Trademark Policy document:
if you are creating a derivative of Ubuntu, you may use the Trademarks in association with the software product provided:
  • the changes are minimal and unsubstantial, as described above

  • there is no commercial intent associated with the new product

  • the Trademark is used in a way that makes it clear that your project is a development effort related to the Ubuntu source, but that the software you are working upon is not in fact Ubuntu as distributed by the Ubuntu project. The approved naming scheme to facilitate this is through designation “Remix”. For instance, a new ISO image which has been packaged special tools for software developers could be called “Ubuntu, Developers Remix”, or an image was has been created with Thai language packs could be called "Ubuntu Thai Remix". Words such as "Edition" and "Version" should be avoided, as they have specific meaning within the Ubuntu project. Prefixes, such as “ThaiBuntu” should also be avoided. Any other naming scheme will require explicit permission.

  • there is no suggestion (through words or appearance) that your project is approved, sponsored, or affiliated with Ubuntu or its related projects unless it has been approved by and is governed by the Ubuntu Community Council.

A mailing list was created for patches, suggestions and requests for package inclusion.