Who will start the next war on Israel

It's almost funny to read that some people from Tehran think that Israel will be first one to attack Iran when they live in the only country in the world who has an elected president who constantly calls for the destruction of another country while insisting on their undisputable right to develop Nuclear energy for peaceful needs (..... can you do 1 plus 1 ?).

In addition Hezbollah, who brought the war on Lebanon, receives arms, training, financial support and commands from Iran. This organization which tries to disguise itself as a local and legitimate resistance organization is nothing but a wing of the Iranian army.

Dear roozbeh , how can teach me about war when only few months ago Iranian missiles where flying over my parents heads in my own home town?

Here is my scenario for the war with Iran:

Iran will continue to develop it's "peaceful" Nuclear Energy capabilities.
In a time of a year or two Iran will conduct it's first nuclear bomb experiment.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will call, once again, for the destruction of Israel and America. The US may launch a massive air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. The US will not invade Iran while still being involved in the Iraqi mess. Iran will respond by launching conventional war-heads on Haifa and Tel-Aviv and by initiating terror attacks in the lebanese border using the Hezbollah. Israel will not retaliate and will be ordered by US and UN to hold back (Exactly what happened during the first Gulf War when Iraq launched missiles against targets in Saudi Arabia and Israel). Israel may start bombing Hezbollah targets in lebanon again.
Iran's nuclear capability will not be destroyed by the attack because most of their facilities are underground and scattered all over Iran. Iran will have the ability to launch tactic war heads. In the end we will have a small-scaled version of the Cold War against Iran. Iran will not use it's nuclear weapons knowing that Israel probably has the same capabilities.
Iran will start to develop war-heads interception systems like the systems being developed by Israel and the US.

I hope roozebeh can sleep better tonight.

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