Hired by Microsoft, ditching Open Source for the real money

Edit : Please notice the date of the post :P

Yeah , You heard it. I was hired by the great Open Source company - Microsoft.

As you probably already know, Microsoft has changed it's evil ways by announcing the acquisition of the Open Source Community and started working with Open Source ... and I for one, welcome our new Monopolistic overlords.

As a result, a position for Open Source spokesman and coordinator was opened in Microsoft IL offices and I jumped on the opportunity.

In my new position at MS I am hoping to change things "from the inside".
The first task they gave me at the MS Office was to port all the trolling messages I wrote against Vista to other platforms.

Resistance is futile!
OMG!!! ponies !
.. and so on and so forth ...


Amir said...

Hay Shlomi,
Why didn't you come to Meni's wedding yesterday?

Boris said...

I suggest a better thing :

Install Debian on your workstation there or better install debian to all your Co-workers.

Hmm , maybe start using ODT files as your inside standart ?

Move everybody to use Open Office ?

or a better one :
Motivate as many employees as possible to start developing Open Source ...

confy said...

Ohhh... i look at the date...
But for few minutes I was in big shock!

shlomil said...

Could this post be more transparent?

Don't think so.