Installed Ubuntu 8.10, got sick of brown

I installed 8.10 last week and lost my theme settings (some packages mostly).
The installation went pretty well and so far I'm happy with it. Don't know why so many people are whining about it. Sure, Debian-stable is fine but Ubuntu gave my wife and my brother a great entrance into the Linux world.
I did get sick of the brown/Orange human theme thought, so I decided to modify it and this is how:
sudo apt-get install blubuntu-theme
sudo sh -c "for i in \`find /usr/share/icons/Human -type f -name '*.png'\`; do convert \$i -recolor '0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0' \$i ; done;"

To revert the icons back to brown/orange:
sudo apt-get install --reinstall human-icon-theme

I don't care that it's a butt-ugly hack. It works :)

Screenshot attached:


Nir said...

You can try to install the "community-themes" package. As the name says, it has some new and original themes that were created by the Ubuntu community for Ibex.

RAV TUX said...

Why not try Xubuntu instead?...or even OzOS (an e17 Xubuntu fork).

Check out the Xubuntuforums (unofficial) at:

or the OzOS forums at:


nadavkav said...

great tip :-)

thank you for all your remixes ! too.

shlomil said...

Nir: Nice package but non of the included themes comes with matching icons. I liked the "Dust" theme the most but it's too dark for me.

Rav tux:
Xubuntu is great but I don't recommend it for new users. I used XFCE for a year in the past and I know what it is.
e17 doesn't support Hebrew (Bidirectional Text direction) so it's out of the question.

You welcome:)

Nir said...

I've prefered the NewWave theme, but I don't remember if it comes in this community-themes, or separate.


confiq said...

don't forget that brown will probably always stay with ubuntu...

shlomil said...

So it's a good thing we have ability to create remixes, like the Hebrew.Israeli remix I created.

Anonymous said...

I got sick of the Brown too so I switched to Shiki and modified it to use NewWave borders