Ubuntu stability and UHR

I have been planning to port the Ubuntu Hebrew Remix remastering scripts to 9.04 for a long while now and I even started some related tasks but it seems to me more and more like this is not the right time. Ubuntu 9.04 is a shameful mess - with intel/nvidia, sound and other hardware devices having severe issues which, no doubt, will scare off new users and already made some Ubuntu users switch distributions.

Someone in Linux-IL mailing list said that Ubuntu just had bad timing(luck?) in releasing just before a few major software releases (XOrg1.6, OOo3.1, Pulsaudio(?) and new intel driver infrastructure).

I'll continue the porting effort (just to have easier job in October) and release the scripts with no ISO images. UHR will have to wait for 9.10 (hopefully 9.10 will be better). Users who need UHR for their grandmother/kids will have to manage with 8.04LTS for now.

A thought that comes to my mind: Maybe UHR should be based only on LTS releases. UHR doesn't seem to be a "big hit", but I received several thank-you notes which means it was useful to people other than me.


Tomer said...

Please make sure to use the up-to-date translations for Mozilla products, as Ubuntu tend to forget it on every release, and even on 9.04 they use the same Firefox beta5 translation which was old and buggy even on 8.04 release.

shlomil said...

Tomer: This problem should be resolved in Ubuntu. I don't want to change any program translations. If it's Fubar in Ubuntu it'll be Fubar is UHR as well until it's resolved in the "upstream".

Anonymous said...
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