URemix scripts for Ubuntu Hebrew Remix 8.04.1

For now you can find the remastering scripts here.

The remastering process is fully automatic.
It should be very easy to use. Read the README.

it looks like this:

The Ubuntu Hebrew Remix 8.04.1 ISO image will be available during the weekend.


GuySoft said...

How did you get the custom splashscreen? (after grub)
I had trubble with that :-S

shlomil said...

Well, You get paid to do it (Affordy, right?) and I do it for the fun of it so obviously I'll do it better :-P

just kidding :-)

Just to be fair: I've been remastering Debian distributions since 2004.

Anyway, I think that there's no GRUB involved in a liveCD bootup. So if you're referring to the usplash, check this out:

(Hebrew content)

And if you're referring to the ISOLinux menu background, grab the uremix tarball and read the following file:


GuySoft said...

Yep, but I am still part of the community.
Well, we are sometime make up our own work.
We did get it to work on 7.10 Due to some strange back-door.

But they closed it in 8.04 :-( .

BTW, if you already mention Affordy.
We are launching soon a repository for the Hebrew stuff.
We could do some arrangement with Ubuntu Remix if you want.

shlomil said...

Of course you're still a part of the community. Affordy is a bless for FOSS community in my eyes - selling pre-installed Linux and providing support - it's cool.

Regarding the Hebrew/Israeli repository: I had similar idea for Kazit back in history and I even did it for a while. All my custom Debian packages were stored in there but today I'd like to think that every missing package should go straight into the Debian/Ubuntu repository and we have the debian-hebrew team for doing just that.

OTOH, such repository will be great for custom themes and other settings that don't have a chance to be accepted into the upstream distribution's repositories.