What happens when you write in forums with no backup?

That's what happens when you do just that.
My advise to you: stick with Tapuz and whatsup.

BTW: I may not be able to reply in the following days - I'm in milueem.


DoK said...

But look on the bright side - you got a polite replay calling you "Hamoody" :)

Ira Abramov said...

oh MAN, that is SO lame :-(

I would not say Tapuz, but this is sooo unprofessional. the whole point of the old messages is that they are searchable, and they are not even keeping them in read-only form online! how silly is that?

(oh great, blogger.com's OpenID still doesn't work, and hitting "back" leaves you still without your comment. lucky I remembered to copy it before I hit "send". talk about badly maintained public services... have you considered Wordpress?)!trunK

elcuco said...

‏Yes Ira, of course you should not use Tapuz, they are lame. Real mean use nana10, since they are web2.0 friendly ;-)

Now, is it me, or that site (ubuntu-il.com) just keeps changing themes and systems every 3-5 months? Each time I learn something new about that site I find myself happier I am not doing anything with them, as they seem extreamly unprofessional.

The site still looks like a mish-mash of borrowed technologies, and the idea that information is not really backed up, means that the site cannot be trusted with my information.