Quitting Ubuntu Hebrew Translators team

Seems that Ubuntu Hebrew Translation Administrators feel harshly about my membership in Ubuntu translators regarding my expressed opinion in a debate regarding gender in translation. In a private mail they "agreed" to renew my membership in Ubuntu Translators team "although I am a trouble maker" as they put it. Well, I didn't mean to become a trouble maker - I just wanted to talk about a technological solution to a certain problem.

I think this is no way to treat volunteers so I told YaronSh "Lech techapes et hachaverim shelcha" and quit the team. I will continue my activity in solving RTL bugs in Ubuntu.

Hebrew translation work is not fun for me anyway now that it sounds so bad.


Tomer said...

Please look at the other half of the bottle - You are now going to have more free time, and you can spend it on projects where less people are contributing to...

Anonymous said...

You are always welcome in helping us to do some BiDi Support (and Hebrew support in general) for Lazarus and other projects based on it. Please note that it's writing code, rather then translation :)